Goodness + Hitchhiking…


This post will be short and sweet and have nothing to do with education, my students, teaching nor me…

It is about my father-in-law and his experience with really good people today.  It restored my love and faith in all the people around me.  I know there are good people everywhere, but I just need a reminder sometimes.

My father-in-law lives six hours away from us in Wisconsin.  He has been finishing our basement for us this whole week and noticed he needed to have some thing on his car repaired.  He took it to a small repair shop about 15 minutes away and had no way to get back to our house because we were both working.  SO he asked a random guy who was also waiting for a repair to be done on his car to drive him to our house.  The guy said sure and drove him here.

My father-in-law had no way of returning to pick up his car before 5:00 while we were at work and called all the cab companies, but no one would come pick him up.  So he went on the slightly busy country road we live off of and put out his thumb.  He waited less than two minutes and the third car he saw picked him up.  (Now, I must say here that he did not HAVE TO do this, I could have driven him the next day, but when he gets an idea in his head to do something…there is no stopping him.)

There was an elderly man driving the truck with a black lab in the back seat.  He told my father-in-law that he hitch-hiked to Florida from where we live back in 1963.  He hadn’t seen a hitchhiker in years and was excited to pick up my father-in-law and help him.

There really ARE good people everywhere!  My father-in-law encountered two wonderful strangers in one day.



About weens11

People. People important to you, people unimportant to you cross your life, touch it with love or carelessness and move on. There are people who leave you and you breathe a sigh of relief and wonder why you ever came into contact with them. There are people who leave you and you breathe a sigh of remorse and wonder why they had to go away and leave such a gaping hole. Children leave parents, parent leave friends. Acquaintances move on. Friends love and move on. You think of the many who have moved into your hazy memory. You look on those present and wonder. I believe this is all part of a master plan. People move in and out of our lives, and each leaves his mark on the other. You find you are made up of bits and pieces of all who ever touched your life, and you are more because of it, and you would be less if they had not touched you. So far this is who I know that I am... PS I am a Spanish teacher (lucky enough to teach grade K-8!) living in the Chicago area, married to a handsome, intelligent and loving man, and I enjoy exercising and any thing that makes me laugh or smile!

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