❤ life is all about learning✌

I haven’t blogged in a while because I’ve been posting much more to two different school blogs I have. Today I am posting from my phone in the Tampa airport in sunny beautiful Florida. ☀

If you are following my blog and are more interested in what is going on in my classroom…follow this blog from school below.  I will be using “Be the Change” to reflect on the things I learn personally from my daily life with my students (and sometimes life in general like today’s post).  We also have a blog at school that I post to along with other teachers about our iPad pilot program.  It is linked below as well if you would like to follow that.




I’m so very spoiled. I really am. About a month ago I went on a long weekend trip to New Orleans, Louisiana with my family. It is something we never get to do because we live in different places and it is so difficult to make everyone’s schedule match and all be together. We lived there for almost seven years when I was young. None of us had been back together since we left 20 years ago. The trip was incredible. The weather was spectacular, the food is New Orleans is so delicious (and so bad for you), and I’ve learned it is so beneficial for me to be around my family. I learn so much about myself and why I am the way I am. Now I’m returning from a SECOND vacation with family to Siesta Key, Florida. Another wonderful place from my childhood where my family used to have a beach house when I was a kid. I am so spoiled. Two wonderful vacations and time spent with family within one months time!
I learn so much about myself and why I act, think, and do the things I do when I am with my family. I don’t get to see them very often like I said, so when I spend some quality time with them, it is all about me remembering how to just be and enjoy my family again. It’s difficult sometimes when you know people so well that you can predict what they will say or do and even how they will definitely react to something. Sometimes I really have to try and make sure to remember that the very thing that they are doing that might bother me, bothers me because that very same thing is within me as well. I love my family and I’m so lucky to have been able to spend more time with them in the last year than normal. I’ve truly become more of myself because I recognize so much of myself in them…from good to the great to the bothersome and bad. Being with my family has become one of my greatest life lessons.

And one more lesson that might sound crazy…
AIRPORTS! I always learn so much traveling through airports. Some people hate airports, I use them to get outside of my little world/box that I live in sometimes. I get stuck in my own world at times, and these days I’ve found airports to be an incredible resource to get me unstuck.
On my way to Florida from the massive, hustling and bustling Chicago O’Hare the TSA agent was not happy with my mobile boarding pass on my phone and she was screaming,”Get that thing outta my face girl. You blinding me!” I smiled as she asked in an unpleasant tone, “why can’t you just use paper?” to which I replied (SWEETLY), “why can’t you just keep up with the times?” It was funny. The rest of the airport experience was quite pleasant. It really was. I just love to people watch and to be reminded of just how massive our world truly is. Airports really help me do that. They break me out of my small box by reminding me of all the different people it takes to run this place!
So now I am in the sky blogging away! So cool!

Let’s see if I can post this while flying in the sky…here goes…after I post some pics of my wonderful family! ✌

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