Fear and Vulnerability

Many of us live in this constant state of fear, uncertainty and vulnerabilty even when our lives are full of joy and happiness.  I’ve come to accept this uncertainty over the short span of my life because of many different people or circumstances which have crossed my path, touched my life and schooled me in this school of life.

A wise woman said to me, “Lauren, the only certain thing in life is that life is uncertain.  If you can live in this state of uncertainty day to day, and come to accept it, then you can be happy anywhere, with anything and with anyone.”

So I AM.  I still struggle.

BUT…. The videos below have really helped.  Thank you Dr. Berne Brown and her incredible book Daring Greatly D_DaringGreatlyBraidBookReview Daring-Greatly


Here are her TEDx talks.  Each are 20 minutes long, but were so worth the watch for me.  I watched each a few years ago now, but still watch from time to time to reconnect and center myself.