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ProjectHappiness and YOGA


I don’t know what I’d do without either of these things in my life. Thank you Project Happiness for your daily doses of wisdom, love and truth. Thank you yoga for helping me find me.

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Steve Jobs is quoted in short above…the crazy ones, he seemed to be one of the change makers.  I know some others and hope and pray their well intentioned changes are realized.  The choice is the first step, the chance is the second and the hopeful third is the CHANGE.  🙂



BALANCE-CAN YOU find it? DO you HAVE it?


I am so happy to have met Rob Bruce and all others involved with Be The Change Chicago!  He and I have the same intentions with our websites, postings and daily life interactions.  Here is their website.  I feel honored to be a teeny tiny part of their most recent video.

Check it out above and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and get in touch with Rob

if you want to know more or be involved.


Be The Change Chicago’s main focus is to advocate for Chicagoland organizations through events and fundraising. We join together with professionals and our community to create social awareness and positivity. By being a catalyst for change, we promote various causes and empower others.




Happy first day of May! If you haven’t joined already, click here to join Project Happiness and have daily happiness delivered right to your inbox. Their #MayYouBe Challenge began today. Join in! 

I love Project Happiness. I follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and get constant reminders and positive daily intentions from them! Thank you Project Happiness for the challenge this month and for all the positive life affirmations you bring to me and so many others on a daily basis. 

Charlie on the left, Norman on the right…these boys should be employed by Project Happiness. They are the definition of happiness, love and goodness.