Golden Rule

This incredibly intelligent article here is really about USA’s foreign policy, but I think can be applied to life in general.  Check it out! It is written and articulated so well.

After you read the article, you’ll see that the author practices what he preaches.  His reply to a comment on his article is perfect.

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We teach children this same concept in kindergarten, how do we forget it as adults?  It happens :)…we are always a work in progress…

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This is not political 🙏

Someone I love has an incredibly intelligent blog. You can read it here.

I try my best to comprehend it all, but some things are just over my head. That same someone is pursuing a new venture in life. That’s all this blog post is about. It’s in support and love of this new venture in search of truth.
If you’d like to know more about this search for truth, here goes…
It’s called Voices of Liberty. Check out, which launches today July 22nd.
Ron Paul was a congressman in the US for decades, a physician and a presidential candidate. He is very likely the only US legislator of the past 30 years not to have accepted a dime from lobbyists. His voting record over the decades has never wavered on any issue. He’s the one candidate who by standard should have been voted into office. However, the political machine in the US, very much to include the mainstream media has done well to hold down anyone attempting to end the nonsense. If you are interested in finding out more about a movement toward real freedom, rights of the individual and ending the corruption that has taken over the political process then I would encourage you to follow Voices of Liberty.

This is not a political campaign. Voices of Liberty is a resource for truth and a movement for change. Thanks for your support!

I had to quote Jimi Hendrix again.  It was so appropriate here.