The Power of a Teacher

My principal Debbie Barnes gave us all an activity to do one day at a staff meeting about 4 year ago. She gave us a piece of paper with a question, What do you remember about your best/favorite teacher? Describe your favorite/best teacher. Or something like that…

I made the list and was enamored with it, recognizing its importance, and hung it in a place where I see it each day (by my computer) so that I can be reminded that it is my job first and foremost, before I teach Spanish, I must make my students feel the way my favorite teacher made me feel. They need to feel good, safe, smart, comfortable, special and loved to name just a few.

In that same staff meeting, she gave us this quote from Haim G. Ginott

Most important quote for me to see EVERY DAY!

This quote has been so important in my teaching career. I cannot really express its importance in words. When I think about how much power a teacher really has, it is mind-boggling! I use this quote every day to help my students feel the same way my favorite teacher(s) (there were more than one) made me feel each day as I was around them.

Oh no! Gotta Go!

If you have never read books by Susan Middleton Elya you are missing out! Her books are so great and my 2nd grade students absolutely adore them and keep asking me to read them more!

Two of their favorites are Oh no! Gotta GO! and Oh no! Gotta Go #2!.

All of her books are so great! She is not a native Spanish-speaker, but writes in English with rhyming Spanish words! Both books above are about a little girl with a baƱo emergency. They love them! I just do not have time to read ALL of her LIBROS with my 2nd graders. I wrote her an email in hopes that she might Skype with me and my 2nd graders so that they can ask questions and express their love and adoration for her books! One of my students, who I call Guillermo was even so inspired that he decided to write his VERY OWN libro (book). Here it is! Click to open or download!

Guillermo’s Sequel to Oh No. Gotta Go!