We ARE ALL teachers

I am stealing this blog post title from  @gcouros The Principal of Change.

I had so much time to myself this week because we had a Teacher Institute Day on Monday and then only one actual FULL school day on Friday because of the Big Bad Blizzard of 2011. What a week!  One full day of school? I LOVED all this time to be stuck in my house, completing house projects I’ve been meaning to complete for YEARS and so much time to learn from my PLN and all the sharing of resources and ideas that come to me via Twitter and all these amazing blogs I subscribe to now!  But it made me realize something…

All (well, most…the majority) of my great “learning” moments that I like to post here to my blog come from MY STUDENTS!  They are the ones that inspire me daily moment by moment, sometimes so much that I have to choose what I might write a post about.  I was only around them for one half day and then one full day this week and I found that I had so much less to say.  At first I thought it was sad.  What happened to me?  When I began this blog just recently I had so much to say…..hmmmm…..I was disappointed in myself.  But then after reading @gcouros blog post I felt so differently.

Here is the message that stuck with me the most, he writes, “Here is the bottom line for me.  We are all teachers.  We care about ALL kids, not just our own students.  Some of my best interactions this past weekend were with students from SLA.  Sometimes I believe that kids do more for us as educators than we do for them; they are great to be around.

This is so meaningful for me.  I believe it to be so meaningful for all of us as we all become so connected.  Thank you for your post @gcouros!  I had a great week of learning on my own, but the realization that being around my students and learning along with them is what seems most inspirational and feels so good to me. 

One last note, I sadly still watch Greys’s Anatomy (I say sadly because it is such a silly Soap Opera with not much reality to it at all).  But tonight I was impressed and happy to still be watching it. I watched last Thursday’s episode on DVR and EVEN Grey’s Anatomy promotes the IMPORTANCE and BENEFIT of Twitter as a way to connect professionally to help each other learn.  It is so important to be connected to others in order to learn.  I realized this being away from my students this week, and I realize it daily reading tweets and blogs.  If you haven’t seen last Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, watch a bit here and see the benefits of TWITTER in action! They save a man’s life because of it! It is just a five minute clip (with advertisements beforehand of course) but explains the benefits and growth we can all experience quite well!


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