They are so engaged so I will be too…

I sit here to write this post as my 4th graders play games online in Spanish that I have linked to our class website. They are so engaged so I thought I would take this time to write about them and be engaged myself.  It seems to be a good time to reflect.  They are so funny and we so excited today to play.  We never really get to sit and play games like this because I prefer to be talking and engaging them with Spanish that is usually coming out of my mouth or theirs, or reading, writing, singing…we are always doing something that makes a lot of noise. Today we have a small class because there are some students making up some tests.  I was going to teach a new concept today, but with students missing, I can do it next time.

Today they are quiet, so quiet.  I am not accustomed to this quiet.  They are on their own to play any game in Spanish that they want to play.  Here is the one they are obsessed with: BURRITO BUILDER

It is strange for me to sit here and not talk with them.  I actually do not like it.  It is weird for me.  I feel like I am doing something wrong by letting them just sit and learn on their own from games I linked for me.  Isn’t that weird?  I am usually engaging with them for 30 minutes straight and now we have been quietly engaged in a whole new way for 30 minutes straight.  It is a good day, but I still feel guilty as if I am not doing my job.  Maybe some day this quiet will feel right…I can see they enjoyed it.  When I stopped class they all said, NO! and did not want to leave…they hardly listened to me when I spoke and said it was time to go.  I had to tell them a few times they had to leave because 5th grade was about to come.  My darling digital natives!  Some of them still had their computers open and working on their games as they left through the door.

Here they are…no one said a word