Thank you SKYPE!

I wrote a post months ago about using Skype so that absent students did not miss out on what happened in class.  Here is proof of how well it works!

Here is a video of another student absent from class that wanted to be a part of a fun day in Spanish class.  So we Skyped her in and sat her at her regular table.  Our adorable Fe had a sore neck and could not come to school, but she wanted to participate in our class auction.  We earn different currencies from Spanish-speaking countries for participating ONLY in Spanish during class.  We also lose money when English is spoken.  Our money is saved until the end of each trimester when we get to spend it on items brought in by other students and crafts that I sell them from Mexico, Guatemala and Spain.  I get these from Teacher’s Discovery.  Enjoy the video!  It is six minutes long.


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