One of my wonderful students sent me an email yesterday morning, here it is:

Hi Senora B.
Have you ever heard of Kiva. If not Kiva is a cite where you lend money to buisnesses. My aunt gave me 50 dollars to spend on Kiva for my birthday. You get the money back when the entrapanuer (that is probably not how to spell it) pays you back. I donated half of my money to a person in Peru. I wanted to share this with you because it mentions the currency in her own summary of why she needs the money. I thought you might be interested.


Now, truth be told, I had used Kiva once over the holidays to donate (as a gift) on behalf of my mother-in-law.  I never thought to mention this site to my students or that they might mention it to me.  How amazing is this child that I get to teach?

Kiva was talked about on Oprah (which is the only reason I was aware of it) but I am just absolutely in AWE of my young student who is aware enough and loving enough to seek and reach out to others on her own.  Below is the woman that my student chose to donate to.  We have just begun to earn Peruvian Soles this trimester for class participation (we change currencies every trimester and learn about the country) and are about to learn a bit about the Peru tomorrow in class. I don’t know why this darling student chose to donate to this Peruvian woman, but she inspired me to do the same!  And what a CHANGE this little bit might make in this woman’s life and my own!

And here is a bit about the woman that my student and I donated to:

Elena is a member of the Virgen de Lujan Communal Bank. It is located in the Tinicachi district, Yunguyo province, Puno department. Elena is 48 years old, single, and has two children (one is independent). She has a first grade education.

She has been working with the Movimiento Manuela Ramos for six years. Her first loan was for 300 soles, and she invested it in her business. She sells handmade items and domestic animals.

She will use the requested loan of 3,000 soles to buy 20 pieces of woven cloth, a pig, and a sheep. She also says that she farms. She grows potatoes, beans, corn, and oats. She works alone.

Her dream is to grow her business. She likes the meetings and the punctuality.


DONATE!  Elena has almost reached her goal!

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