This is a QUICK POST…just something that was so noteworthy!

On Friday, one of my students was traveling to Connecticut.  She told me that she was not going to be here in class and asked if we would Skype her in to class because she said she would be at the hotel with her parents during our Spanish time.  I, of course, said SURE that we would Skype her in and sit her at her table where she usually sits.  So on Friday I was using a great website that Lauren Rosen introduced me to called Poll Everywhere.  It allows you to take a poll and text in your results and you can watch it real time on the Smart Board as the answers come in.

I use it with my 8th graders because I really need to change things up and do different things to keep them interested after listening to me teach them Spanish for NINE years and (they truly do not really enjoy much of anything in class because they are so ready to get outta this school where they have almost all been for NINE years) usually using their mobile phones in class MIGHT keep them a bit interested.  So they were texting in their answers to a book activity we had done and it seemed to keep them interested….meanwhile one of my students was receiving text updates from the student who wanted to be Skyped in from Connecticut.  She was not able to get her lap top working or something or Skype not working so she asked if they could use FACE TIME on their iPhone 4 (yes, both of my 8th grade students happen to have iPhone 4s).  So they go on FACE TIME and she was able to be in class with her parents in the background attempting to speak Spanish.  Her parents were so funny speaking Spanish and coming in and out of the video…it was so great!  My students are so wonderful that they made this happen!  I had nothing to do with it!  I wish I had video of it to share.  I have a 3GS and have been wondering if I need to spend the money to get a 4…..I am now convinced that YES.  I want one!

7 thoughts on “FACE TIME”

  1. Super fun! I want to know who…

    Yay to you for mixing it up and keeping those lovelies interested. It is NOT easy for any 8th grader to be interested in what’s going on, much less an 8th grader you have been teaching since they were 5!!!

    Gold star for you, Sra. B!!! 🙂


  2. Triple wow!
    One for how you are so open to technology in your class One for how you manage to keep them interested
    And one for what technology can do today…

    Wonder if that poll everywhere includes Israel… Doubt it!


    1. I bet you could use polleverywhere…you just have to create the polls yourself. I generate many of them to review answers to activities we do in class.


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