Skype call to Mexico

My 6th graders had their first Skype call to Mexico.  We spoke with a school in Mexico City called Jules Verne School.  It seems like such an interesting school.  They are learning English of course and we are learning Spanish.  It is grade preschool-7th grade I believe so that match couldn’t have been any more perfect!  My school is K-8.  I cannot wait to speak with them again with different age groups!

My 6th graders have spoken to an English teacher Greta Sandler in Argentina earlier this school year and they have been so excited to talk to other students!  We finally got to do this last Tuesday.  It was fun to watch the Mexican 6th grade students!  They were so excited and all huddled in front of the screen.  Some of my students were actually freaked out and being SHY.  I could not believe it.  I had to really coax them into introducing themselves.

I made this connection on Twitter and am so grateful for Mayus Chavez.  She is the principal at Jules Verne School and so open-minded and willing to really give this Skype thing a TRY!  Because that is what all of this 21st Century learning tools are….a TRY.  You have to give it all a try and try again until you find what works.  The call did not go perfectly of course, but what ever does?  🙂  It was such a great experience and this is going to be such a wonderful experience for our students!  Enjoy the video!


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