Look at me!

Yesterday an awesome group called Cirque Amongus came to our school and our students participated in circus events throughout the entire morning.  They tried a tight rope, a trapeze, mini-bikes and unicycles, juggling, balancing acts, acrobatics and more!  It was a great day.  We had parents and teachers all day working together at school for this event and it could not have been more fun!

After lunch each student had to decide which even they would perform in the “big top” in front of the entire school.  After they decided this, we teachers and parents got to dress them in “wardrobe” circus outfits and then they each had their make-up done. It was so well organized and so well run.  I could not believe we got it all done in a day.

The group Cirque Amongus assigned all the adults to different tasks; you were either a group leader or you taught a skill for the whole morning.  Everything was randomized and selected through their computer system.  I was a group leader.  I was in charge of nine students.  It was a group of three 4th graders, three 6th graders and three 8th graders.  When I received the names of my group that morning I was a total pessimist.  I could not have imagined a more complex, difficult and strange group of students to be put together.  I thought their personalities would clash all day!  It was fabulous.

Each one of the kids in my group tried every activity, supported each other and had fun.  Even the two 8th grade boys (whom I thought would be awful) had some serious hidden circus talent.  Toward the end of the morning these two boys were a bit of a challenge, but it turned out to be a great time!

The one thing I thought about throughout the day and after the day was over was how important it is to listen and watch when you hear a kid say, “LOOK AT ME!” or  “Watch this!”  or “Did you see me?”  That is what I heard throughout the day from all ages of kids.  That little moment to shine and that small “hey check me out!” moment is so ultra important to them.  It meant so much to youngest and oldest in the school just to have that special attention and moment when they are on stage proudly accomplishing something they had no idea they could do.  Even those “too cool” 8th grade boys made sure I was watching from time to time very nonchalantly of course.  It was a wonderful day.

I think these little “watch this!” moments are even important as we get older, right?  It is always nice to know that someone is interested and proud of your accomplishments, right?

2 thoughts on “Look at me!”

  1. Where was this when I was teaching there? That day sounds amazing! What a cool program to be part of.

    You hit the nail on the head. (Ok I wrote that line before I read the other comment, weird) We all, even grown ups need those, “look at me” moments. Charlotte at 16 months has those moments. I still have those moments, ask Mike, he’ll tell you. 🙂 I think the desire to be loved and acknowledged is something we all inherently need. And it doesn’t take much to acknowledge those moments and it goes a long way and makes such a difference for that person.

    How lucky for those kids for you to realize this and give them those “show off” moments. Just another reason you are one of my most favorite people in the world. Those kids are so lucky to have you.


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