Señor Wooly!

This website and music has done wonders for me and for my middle school students!  Oh my goodness!  James Wooldridge is a Middle School Spanish Teacher in Evanston, IL.  Someone suggested a couple years ago that I really needed to buy his music.  IT IS SO GREAT!  I wish I had bought it sooner.  It is right up my 6th-8th grader’s alley!  The humor, the beat of the music, everything!  They love it, I love it and they get to learn something at the same time.

I have NINE years with my students and by 8th grade it is hard to come up with things that they still enjoy and that I still enjoy doing with them.  Sometimes they are sick of me and I am sick of them.  It is just the truth.  So I keep trying and changing things so that they can have a good enjoyable Spanish class and so can I.

What I’ve realized about myself as a teacher is that I am happy when my students are happy…especially my 8th graders.  They are the hardest to please and even though I don’t have to, I really do try to please them and make them happy each day WHILE they learn Spanish.

If you are a Middle School or High School Spanish Teacher YOU NEED this music and you need to pay the $19.99 it costs to join the site.


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