Skype connects us again!

My 8th graders and I called Taylor Schrang today via Skype.  She is a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay.  My classroom was packed with all 24 of my 8th graders (that is a FULL HOUSE for my small school) and we chatted with her for about 30 minutes.  It was such a great experience for me and for my 8th graders as well.  Middle School students pretty much don’t “like” anything about school nor learning/work, but I think this Skype call was a winner in their books and in mine.

I was so proud of them today.  Many of them came up with some really great questions to ask her, and the majority of them were actually listening and interested in the conversation!  This is just the best way for them to learn about the people and culture in these Spanish-speaking countries that we learn about.  What we read in books and research online is very valuable of course, but since I can’t travel with them to Paraguay, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Argentina etc….this is the next best thing!  It was such a valuable learning experience for all parties involved.

Here is the video if you want to check us out!
Taylor has so graciously offered to chat with us more throughout the school year so we can continue to learn about Paraguay and the work she is doing there!

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