Here I am!

There are days when I feel like I have the best job in the world and then, like every one else, there are days when I feel the exact opposite. Today was one of those days when I felt like my job could not get any better. It began with letting the 1st-4th graders into the school building and supervising them inside the hallway doors (too cold to stand outside) until the bell rang. Just watching them interact with one another gets my day started off right! They are so full of energy and goodness. They are so eager to be at school and around each other. They teach me so much in just their very simple being-ness. Their smiles and innocence. Their playfulness and willingness. They are just simply being and that becomes more difficult for us adults if you think too much like I do sometimes. They are my constant reminder to just be. I am so lucky.

I teach Kindergarten through 8th grade and get to spend time each day with children ranging from ages five to fourteen. They all have so much to offer and so much to teach me.

The other day one of my second graders (who is not like one of my rock star students who loves learning…yes I have those type of kids) said, “Señora B, are we going to learn any new words today?” I told him no and he seemed so disappointed. I was surprised because he doesn’t usually seem like he is that engrossed in Spanish class. I told him I was going to read them one of my favorite books today SkippyJon Jones because we are learning the words, book, write and read in Spanish. He raised his hand AGAIN with such excitement saying, “Señora B, you said we weren’t going to learn any new words today.” I told him, I know. He raised his hand again and was so pumped telling me, “But you just taught us a new word!!!” I said, “What? I did?” He was overjoyed to tell me that I had just taught them the word for FAVORITE in Spanish. I asked, “Well, when?” He said, “Just now, you just taught it to us.” And then he perfectly pronounced the word “favorito” in Spanish.

I had told them in Spanish the name of “mi libro favorito” and he was so excited to learn that word favorito. It was so great to see him so pumped about a new Spanish word, but it caught me off guard because I had not intentionally taught my twenty-two second graders any thing at all. They are just little sponges and so excited to learn any thing that I offer up to them!

This is why I teach! This is why I am here! This is why I am writing this blog to express my appreciation, my gratitude and my constant bewilderment and enjoyment in this world where I exist to teach and learn from others (big and small) along the way!

8 thoughts on “Here I am!”

  1. Lauren, your positive energy sings throughout your first blog! Your students are blessed to have a teacher who considers “door duty” in the winter time a highlight because you get to witness front and center their fun-filled, authentic interactions. I will look forward to your future blog posts; like your student, yours will be my new favorite. Way to go!


  2. Hi Lauren,
    Great blog! I appreciate your honesty and your willingness to share your thinking about teaching and living. I look forward to following your blog. Thanks for sharing and celebrating the little joys that our students bring to us each day. Yes, we are lucky!


  3. I loved your post Lauren! Our job is a blessing! Your students are so lucky to have such a passionate teacher! I can’t wait to read your future posts. I’m sure I’ll be learning so much from you! Thanks for sharing this inspiring story!


  4. Just reading your post made me feel good! So many negative things about being a teacher are in the air that I immediatly got excited about your blog even though you teach the lower grades and I teach high-school!
    Hang on to that feeling!


    1. Naomi
      Thanks so much for following and reading! There are sooo many negative things in the air about being a teacher…I attempt to let them pass on by and focus on the goodness that I know lies within all human beings, not just children. It is so much easier with kids though! I am going to follow you too. We can hang on together!
      How amazing that we are connected! You are in Israel!!!!


      1. That’s what so great about connecting online – we aren’t limited by the number of teachers in our school! We can “enlarge” the positive energy available!
        High-school students can be very inspiring too. Some of mine are older – in special ed. pupils can stay at the high-school till they are 21!


  5. Lauren,

    Me encanta tu energia! Thanks for sharing your positive experiences with your students. I used to teach Spanish in the elementary setting and it is a truly unique setting. I look forward to your future posts.




    1. Elvira, muchas gracias por su comentario. Thanks so much for reading! It means so much to me to be able to share with other passionate teachers around the world. I’m hoping this blog can help me reflect on all the good things that occur around me each day. I’m following your blog as well! How wonderful to be able to share our experiences!


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