Middle School

I guess Middle School is called Middle School for a reason. You are in the middle of the the enthusiastic, excited Elementary School students and the hardcore, more serious, counts for something High School. You are in the middle. You are a little off like that typical “middle child”. You are not first or last. You are in the middle. You are kind of stuck between two worlds and SOMETIMES a little difficult. My Middle School students are great for the most part. I do not work at a “normal” school. Most of my Middle School students actually value their education and really want to learn. They enjoy being here at school and really work hard. But then they get to 8th grade…..

My 8th graders almost ALWAYS act as if they do not want to participate in anything that I offer to them. When I do try hard to prepare a lesson that I think they will be into, they don’t like it (or pretend not to) and I am disillusioned. Then I prepare a lesson that I think they will totally hate because it involved grammar or something “boring”, and they are participating and so into it! I am left confused. So I have learned to roll with the punches with them and accept most behavior or any thing they offer with a grain of salt. They are middle school students and very confused most of the time. 🙂

On Friday I told them that we were going to start BLOGGING in Spanish and they each were going to have their VERY OWN blogs to post things to and write all in Spanish to share pictures and videos and all kinds of things for themselves and other to comment on…..they HATED the idea and moaned and groaned. I even told them that it was not for a grade and they still hated the idea.

I came to school yesterday (Monday) and they walked in with their computers….ready to start blogging! WHAT? They were excited (well, some were). They seemed disappointed when I told them we were going to start another day because we first had to learn some good “netiquette”. They were disappointed and I was confused. 🙂

SO there are some of my thoughts on Middle School. It is a difficult place to be SOME TIMES!

2 thoughts on “Middle School”

  1. I never really thought of how teachers see it that way about us! I personally love the idea and blogging itself. We always love those hands on activities don’t we. Who knows? Maybe they talked about it later and changed their minds.


  2. I agree with all you said about middle school. I’m now in 9th grate but I still remember all the things I went through on middle school. I have just recently started a blog with my friend called indibytheocean I hope our blog can inspire u! I really like your bog I’m gonna follow!


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